The Democratic Alliance (DAA) for Action of Santa Clarita was the longest operating Democratic club in the Santa Clarita Valley. DAA was established in 1994 to encourage active participation in governance, to foster Democratic ideals, and to promote justice and equality in our community, state and nation.

The DAA Members voted to support a Resolution that has the DAA Executive Board permanently closing the club in a timely, but also supporting a plan to keep Members and friends informed of Democratic opportunities and activities in the SCV at least through the 2022 November General Election.

The Resolution to Close the Club can be found here.

The Resolution to Close the Club refers to a DAA Executive Board Plan that was voted on and approved before the Resolution was written and approved by the Members. It can be reviewed here.

DAA is chartered by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, and affiliated with the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, and strives to advance the platform and principles of the Democratic Party.