Candidates Seeking Endorsement

These candidates are seeking endorsement from the DAA.


Our endorsement proceedings will take place on August 6th and 27th. To be able to vote in our endorsement vote you must be a Voting Member in Good Standing.

LA Superior Court Judge #72 - 1 Vote

Myanna Dellinger

Endorsed by numerous Democratic and other organizations, Myanna is an unbiased, highly

accomplished attorney and law professor who is running for judge because she believes that

more diversity and critical thinking on the bench will add much-needed value to our county.

Myanna has helped steer hundreds of cases through the judicial system. Thousands of people

have relied on her legal and people skills for more than two decades. A Fulbright Scholar,

Myanna was first in her law school class, worked for the nation’s second-highest court, and

remains on the top 10% of all scientific researchers in the world. 100+ attorneys and judges have cited her work.

Steve Morgan


I’m so pleased to be the LACDP endorsed candidate for Judge in Seat #72.  I’ve been endorsed by the LA Times, the LA County Federation of Labor, SEIU, Stonewall Democrats, and many other organizations and clubs throughout LA.  I’m very proud to have been rated “Well Qualified” by the LA County Bar Association.  I’m running for Judge because I have the experience, the temperament, and the legal knowledge to do the job.  I came in first place in the primary, with over 49% of the vote.  I’m a life-long Democrat, with experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. 

Santa Clarita City Council - 2 Votes

Chris Werthe


I’m running for Santa Clarita City Council because I am devoted to my community, and want our city to be strong, efficient, and forward-thinking for my family and for yours. Growing up, I had a sense of duty instilled in me from my family. I am trying to pass along the same sense of responsibility, kindness, and dedication to my own children. I hope to lead by example and be the change on the City Council that we desperately need. 


Aakash Ahuja

My name is Dr. Aakash Ahuja. I am an immigrant from India, live with my wife and 2 young kids and am running for Santa Clarita City Council with the goal of making our city more Inclusive, United, Vibrant, Healthy, Prosperous and Sustainable.

I am a logical, objective, science-driven, environment friendly, and solution-oriented person and believe that there must be transparency and accountability in public office.

I am doing it for the love of the city. I Have no intention to use City Council as a stepping stone to Sacramento or Washington DC and have pledged to donate 100% of my salary to local charities.

Hoping to earn your support.

I promise I will make you all proud.

Thank You

Kelvin Driscoll

I’m running for Santa Clarita City Council to work to build the best version of our city! No doubt, we are living through a very strange, peculiar, and difficult time. A global pandemic, economic crisis, and racial reckoning across this country make clear that this is a time for bold progressive leadership.


This election represents the opportunity to address issues of health and economic despair, homelessness amongst our neighbors and housing affordability, as well as racial equity and accountability in our policing. It’s an opportunity to invest not just in infrastructure, but in our people. I look forward to speaking with you about my plans for addressing these challenges. Thank you.

Selina Thomas

My name is Selina Thomas  I am a candidate seeking your endorsement for Santa Clarita City Council. I am a 10 year resident of Santa Clarita, a business owner and a mother of two student-athletes at Saugus High School. As a business owner supporting other businesses, I have been front line in this pandemic crisis responding and supporting employers and employees with information, direction, and hope. I want to be a part of this city’s social and economic recovery.  As your candidate of choice, I would represent the diversity of this growing community and would be honored to represent all of the possibilities of this great city

SCVWA Div 1 - 2 Votes

Christine Okamoto

I’m Christine Okamoto and I am running for SCV Water Agency Board Division 1. I am running for water board because I believe in ensuring safe and sustainable water for our children and future generations, because we need people on the board who value families and community above corporate profits when considering development projects, and because we need local elected officials at all levels of government who are guided by the values of diversity, inclusion and transparency. Please endorse me for SCV Water Agency Board Division 1. I am passionate about serving this community and moving us forward into a brighter future. The Water Board has been controlled by conservative corporate Directors for too long. It’s time for progressive, people-oriented leadership. I would really appreciate your support.

Beth Braunstein

In our home, we value acceptance, kindness, inclusion, and science. I teach my five kids to lean into challenges and to be true to themselves and they continue to challenge me to grow and evolve. 

The conservatives who run Santa Clarita don’t represent my values. They haven’t been serving my community.
As a Board Member on the Water District area 1, I will stand for science, for policies that work for our community, and speak for those who don’t have a voice. I will fight to protect our environment and the sustainability of our natural resources. I look forward to working with my teammate, Christine Okamoto for Water Board 1, so we can win both seats in our division.

The city should work for everyone, together we can make that happen.
This November, we clean house.

SCVWA Div 2 - 2 Votes

Valerie Bradford


My name is Valerie Bradford and I am running for a seat on the Board of Directors of the SCV Water Agency, District 2.  In the 15 years that I have resided in the Santa Clarita Valley, I have witnessed exponential growth in housing and business, drastically changing topography and growing cultural diversity.  What has not changed in over a decade is the leadership of our SCV Water Agency.  I  am excited to answer the call for progressive democratic leadership in the decision-making process to provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective water usage to our amazing community.  Valerie Bradford for SCV Water 2020


Anna Kumar


I strongly believe in equal/civil rights for all people regardless of race, sex, economic background.

I believe we should leave the planet better than we found it which is why I’m running for SCV Water Board. My teammate is Valerie Bradford and we're the only Democrats running for Division 2.

SCVWA Div 3 - 2 Votes

Stacy Fortner


I am running for SCV Water Agency because I believe that managing our water supply is one of the most important issues facing the Santa Clarita Valley and California as a whole.


As a member I will promote actions by the board whose decisions will be more visible and transparent to the public, are centered around sensible water management, and use my expertise in technology and relationship management to move SCV Water toward better management of the resources that will benefit the citizens of SCV.

Maria Gutzeit

Maria Gutzeit is running for re-election to Division 3 of the SCV Water Agency. A

champion of cost control, transparency, and clean water, she was first elected in 2003

and is one of the longest-serving elected democrats in the valley. In addition to serving

at the water agency, Gutzeit is a business owner, providing environmental compliance

services to industry, non-profits, and government entities.

Gutzeit said: “Our country faces many tough challenges. Climate change. A damaged

economy. A disdain for science. I want to continue working to provide clean water at

the lowest possible rates so our community can thrive.”

Kathye Armitage


Kathye Armitage is a candidate for a seat on the Board of Directors of SCV Water Agency (Division 3-Seat 1) and is running to ensure that our water remains clean for our families, affordable for ratepayers, and sustainable for generations to come. Her experience in public health, together with her education in sustainable natural resources and water systems technology, has prepared her well to be a fresh representative without ties to industry who will ensure three things are considered with each decision: our health, our wallets, and our environment. Kathye believes decisions related to our groundwater contamination issues should be guided by science, and that mitigation of the effects of climate change should be considered now before they become more costly and complex.


SCV CC Dist 2 - 1 Vote

Edel Alonso


I am running for a second term. Retired counselor and professor at COC for 16 years, I am grateful for being endorsed by the full-time faculty, part-time faculty, and the classified employees at COC. My priorities are to put student needs first in all decisions, promote equity and transparency, and be fiscally responsible.


SCV CC Dist 3 - 1 Vote

Sebastian Cazares


Endorsed by COC board trustees, the COC Faculty Association, educators, and students, Sebastian is a homegrown leader running for COC Board of Trustees to put the COC community — not bureaucracy — first.


Sebastian is counting on your vote in order to tackle the distinct challenges that the College of the Canyons community faces.

SCV CC Dist 4 - 1 Vote

Jerry Danielsen


I am running for the Board of Trustees at College of the Canyons, Area #4. My passion for affordable, high-quality education, transparency in fiscal decision making, and the need for someone to genuinely represent the community includes reasons that I am running.  In style and substance, I intend on representing our Democratic values.  Small business, the arts, acknowledging and respecting diversity and financial disparity. Now with Covid-19, COC is a valuable resource for improving the economy - retraining and learning new skills matter more than ever in the current job market.  We need a new vision for the COC Board of Trustees.


Hart District Board Area 1 - 1 Vote

Alyssa Williams

My name is Alyssa Williams and I'm running for a seat on the Board of the William S. Hart Union School District, Area1. I'm a wife, mother to a son in the district, an educator, and have lived in the SCV for 19 years. Our schools, teachers, and students deserve our full attention. It's time for a new outlook, new ideas, and a fresh perspective to be brought to the table. It's time for teachers to not just be listened to, but really heard. It's time for our students to feel comfortable and secure, both mentally and physically, in the place they spend the majority of their time. I'm seeking this position because I care and because I want, no need, to contribute to the growth and betterment of the entire educational experience and outcome. I'm a fighter, and I'm ready to fight for our schools, teachers, students, and families. They deserve it!

Hart District Board Area 4 - 1 Vote

James Webb

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the William S Hart Union High School District Trustee Area 4 school board representative. As an educator and a parent, I have observed significant cultural shifts within the Hart District, our valley, and our city that have the opportunity to enrich our community fabric if we seize upon the occasion to enact changes that will impact our students, the district staff, our families, and the teachers and administrators of the Hart School District. I am eager to begin my campaign, and I know that if we work together, we can achieve a much-needed shift in thinking that will enable the Hart District to face challenges that involve all stakeholders to support both the academic and social-emotional well-being of all children.

Saugus USD TA3 - 1 Vote

Katherine Cooper

I am running for Saugus USD board because I believe every child deserves their best chance. We have great schools here, but they can be better. Every child, regardless of their background, their race, their innate abilities, their family, their socioeconomic position, when they step into the classroom (physical OR digital) they should be challenged and guided equitably, encouraged and taught not only reading writing and arithmetic, but also compassion, understanding, global thinking.  My two children graduated from Saugus High School and now I want to give back to this community that I have lived in for 25 years.  The children truly are our future and we need to give them the tools to handle the challenges they are going to face.

Saugus USD TA4 - 1 Vote

Sage Rafferty

In 2006, Sage Rafferty graduated from the University of Montana with a BA in Political Science, specializing in American Politics with a Minor in Chinese Studies. After college, Sage attended the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School (OCS) and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. In 2013, he deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division, where he oversaw logistical operations in support of the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade during the initial withdrawal from Afghanistan. Sage also attended various courses while in the U.S. Army, including Logistics Captains Career Course at Fort Lee, Virginia. Sage served in the U.S. Army for almost 9 years, retiring at the rank of Captain in 2015. Sage loves his fellow veterans, and he is committed to fighting for their wellbeing. After leaving the Army, he moved with his wife Meghan and child to Santa Clarita, CA where they have lived for five years. Sage is a manufacturing manager at a large aerospace manufacturing company in Sylmar, California.

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