Change Starts with Your Vote

Help us elect Democrats who will represent our interests and answer the pressing challenges of today.

2020 is the year we can make a difference.

The 2020 elections may be the most important in our lifetimes.
We have an executive branch that regularly flouts rules and will do seemingly anything to win the election.
A Republican-controlled Senate that won’t hold the President in check.
Millionaires and billionaires hoarding wealth while the middle class slowly disappears.   
A pandemic virus sweeping across our nation and no central response.
Extreme weather events destroying people's homes as climate change intensifies.
And the healthcare of millions of Americans may hang in the balance as the GOP relentlessly attacks Obamacare. 

We can stop them from causing more pain.  All we have to do is vote.


Cast Your Ballot

In 2018, we created a Blue Wave that wrenched multiple vulnerable seats from Republicans’ hands.  This year, we can do it again, and win the presidency as well.  But it depends on you and the democrats you know casting a ballot, no matter how hard to GOP tries to stop us.

Vote In Person

The polls will still be open in 2020, with additional safety measures to protect voters from COVID-19.

Ballot Drop Off

Avoid potential USPS delays by delivering  your mail-in ballot to one of the drop boxes in the SCV.

Vote by Mail

Every California voter will get a mail-in ballot this year. Vote and return yours early in case of delays.

A woman wearing a pink hat drinks out of a thermos while attending the Women's March

Not voting is not a protest. It is a surrender.

Keith Ellison

Attorney General of Minnesota

Vote with the DAA


Our endorsements are voted on by our members.  Learn more & join the DAA here.

Christy Smith

Congressional District 25

Kipp Mueller

State Senate District 21

Henry Stern

State Senate District 27

George Gascón

LA County District Attorney

Scott Andrew Yang

LA Superior Court Judge #162

David Berger

LA Superior Court Judge #80


Steve Morgan

LA Superior Court Judge #72

Kelvin Driscoll

Santa Clarita City Council

Chris Werthe

Santa Clarita City Council


Beth Braunstein

SCV Water Agency Div 1

Christine Okamoto

SCV Water Agency Div 1

Valerie Bradford

SCV Water Agency Div 2


Anna Kumar

SCV Water Agency Div 2

Kathye Armitage

SCV Water Agency Div 3

Stacy Fortner

SCV Water Agency Div 3

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 10.00.37

Alyssa Williams

Hart District Board Area 1

James Webb

Hart District Board Area 4

Katherine Cooper

Saugus USD TA3

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 10.04.43

Sage Rafferty

Saugus USD TA4

Edel Alonso

CoC Board of Trustees, District 2

Sebastian Cazares

CoC Board of Trustees, District 3


Jerry Danielsen

CoC Board of Trustees, District 4

Do More: Volunteer

The DAA is constantly working to elect Democrats in the SCV.


Phone Bank for Christy -  Wednesdays

Make calls for Christy Smith with us (from home)!  Each event starts with a training session for newcomers.

Down-Ballot Phone Bank - Fridays

Join the DAA to make calls for our endorsed down-ballot candidates.  No experience necessary!

When you share, more people vote.

Let your friends & faily know you're planning to fill out a ballot for the upcoming elections.  The more people they see talking about voting, the more likely they are to engage.


Use the hashtags #planyourvote and #voteDAA so everyone can see your post!

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