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DAA Indivisible is a DAA action committee based upon the Indivisible 
Guide, created by Democratic Congressional staffers as a how-to on the art of resisting 45's destruction of our institutions.   We review the news and various actions from all over the country to come up with one daily action. The focus is on making effective actions that are simple for busy people. Explanations, scripts and contact information are on one page. As a public service, DAA Indivisible is open to anyone. Sign up at


Neighbor2Neighbor is the precinct organizing committee for the DAA

Neighbor2Neighbor(N2N) is DAA's ongoing precinct organizing program in Santa Clarita.  Neighborhood Captains reach out to every Democrat in their voting precinct with the goal of engaging them in conversation about their voting priorities, educating them about issues and candidates, and empowering them to participate in local political actions, clubs, and activities leading them to vote regularly and to support Democratic candidates in our community.


Have an interest in an issue or want to volunteer?

Whether it's media, canvassing, phone banking, hosting an event, writing, general outreach, or more we're always looking for volunteers who are willing to lend their talents to help elect Democrats.  Just fill out our volunteer form and someone will get back to you.