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Help us elect Democrats who will represent our interests and answer the pressing challenges of today.

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Cast Your Ballot

In 2018, we created a Blue Wave that wrenched multiple vulnerable seats from Republicans’ hands.  This year, we can do it again, and win the presidency as well.  But it depends on you and the democrats you know casting a ballot, no matter how hard to GOP tries to stop us.

Are you ready to vote?

Vote In Person

The polls will still be open in 2020, with additional safety measures to protect voters from COVID-19.

Drop Off Your Ballot

Avoid potential USPS delays by dropping off your mail-in ballot in person.  There are drop boxes all over the SCV.

Vote by Mail

Vote by Mail ballots will be sent out to all registered voters beginning October 5th.


DAA is teaming up with Campaign Store 2020 to provide you with top quality, union produced 2020 merchandise. Use the button or the link https://bit.ly/DAAofSCV and help the DAA get Democrats elected in Santa Clarita.

Joe Biden window signs are available, yard signs available in mid-September.

Campaign Merchandise is Here!

DAA and COVID-19 Information

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All of our in-person meetings have been temporarily suspended.

Please reach out via our contact form for info on online meetings and events.


Join DAA and help get Democrats elected in our valley, our state and our nation.