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YOU can be part of DAA Indivisible!
Let me tell you about it:


After the devastating  2016 election I was at a loss. Then I saw a treatise by a group of Democratic congressional staffers who called themselves Indivisible. They didn't like the Tea Party but they saw how effective that group was at pestering electeds, so they came up with a model for progressives. I sought approval of the executive board of the Democratic Alliance for Action (DAA)  to communicate with progressives who lead busy lives and simply don't have the time to scroll though the political email solicitations we all get. DAA Indivisible was born. I made it my business to do the scrolling and share a daily opportunity to communicate with our representatives and keep you engaged and up to date. No membership required, no dues, nobody counting how much you participate.


On a tour though then Senator Kamala Harris' office, it was confirmed that all Senate and Congressional staff compile pro and con communications and then present daily results to their representative.

Your voice won't be heard alone, but when part of a group, you can change a tide. My job is to make your participation easy with scripts and email addresses and sometimes just a link to click.


DAA is transitioning into Democracy Action Alliance, but DAA Indivisible will carry on. We are posting local volunteer opportunities and events at and DAA Indivisible will continue to email you suggestion for a few actions you can take to make a difference right from your home.


Please contact to be added to my list. How much you do is up to you, and if you decide you don't want to receive the emails, I'll take you off the list.


Let me work for you, and know that you're making a difference as part of DAA Indivisible.


Diana S.

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