Letter to Gov Newsom in Support of A Single-Payer Healthcare System

“A single-payer system drives down the cost of health care; drives down the cost of prescription drugs through economies of scale. And it provides more effective, efficient, universal access for those who are uninsured.”

-Gavin Newsom, October 2017

To Governor Gavin Newsom:

We are urgently calling upon you to immediately initiate a publicly funded single-payer universal health care system for all Californians.

It is critical that action is taken on this urgent issue.

The Coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated America’s already ongoing health care crisis. The current broken system causes our fellow Californians to forgo seeking medical attention, makes treatment unaffordable, and creates the conditions for more pandemics and more suffering. Private insurance has proven itself an unnecessary obstacle to actual health care. The health care status quo disproportionately affects low-income communities, Latinx, African American, Asian Pacific Islander, Indigenous, Immigrant, LGBTQ, Aging, and Disability communities. This social catastrophe must be confronted.

Regardless of income, Californians need a comprehensive health care system free at the point of service with no premiums, no co-pays, no deductibles.

Nobody is exempt from the results of the current broken health care system, as millions of Californians continue to lose their employer-based coverage.

Our neighbors’ health is our health.

We need to move past deliberation and act now to implement a single-payer health care system that brings everyone in and leaves nobody out. Our state is in a unique position to lead. California seeks your bold and courageous leadership. Future generations will be forever grateful for leadership that meets this historical moment.

The following Californians and community organizations commit themselves to assisting you in achieving the long-held goal of universal single-payer health care for all of us.

(list of signatories follows)

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