WHEREAS; the disclosure of support for various political activities is not displayed or disguised to be misleading. This lack of transparency leads to moneyed groups supporting initiatives, displaying ads, and creating ballot statements that deliberately mislead the public to vote against their interests. An informed electorate makes for a healthy democracy and allows better decisions at the ballot box. Large corporations, big-money groups, and significant lobbying interests are exploiting loopholes to mislead the voter to pass their agenda; and

WHEREAS; current voting systems are considered a national security threat. DEF CON, the largest and longest-running worldwide hacking conference, highlighted severe vulnerabilities found at the Voting Village demonstration. This test of vote/ballot security spawned from the Russian interference in the 2016 election. The legitimacy of elections is a vital aspect of any functioning Democracy. Secure elections ensure the integrity of the vote so that the voice of the people is heard; and

WHEREAS; Democrats support an open and transparent system of governance. These vulnerabilities in our processes must be dealt with to ensure a fair and equitable outcome. The Democratic Alliance for Action stands united against these political and moneyed forces that seek to undermine our democracy and delegitimize our processes. Silence on these issues is a tacit endorsement of the subversion of our democracy in California; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, The Democratic Alliance for Action shall be in support of the passage of SB 47, AB 1217, AB 1784, and SB 636. These four bills go further to combat dark money, secure our elections, and inform voters of the real intent of supporters. These bills will aid in the fight against those who seek to subvert the will of the people and mitigate future assailants on our democracy; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that copies of this resolution be sent to the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, Assemblywoman Christy Smith (AD38), State Senator Henry Stern (SD27), and State Senator Scott Wilk (SD21).

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